All farmers and growers know that both yield and financial return are effected significantly by the performance and yield losses associated with soil and paddock variability.

We also know that yield potential of all crops and varieties is heavily dependent on zinc to achieve the very best outcomes possible.

Some of the difficulties farmers and growers are confronted with are :

  • the loss of organic matter from the soil
  • that every square metre of soil is different
  • the quality and nutrient values in the soil are inconsistent
  • that whilst macro-nutrients may be easier to find a solution for, dealing with the mirco-nutrients which are measured in much smaller quantities (ppm) pose a lot more problems with soil variability
  • the soil mass of the areas they work is so large, that it is almost impossible to fix the micro-nutrient local requirement of the soil in any sensible economical or physical way through generally accepted (or current practice) soil application methods
  • that attempting to 'fix the soil' is increasingly more unachievable because of the economic constraints, and that it is not commercially viable to continue practising the same old methods of dealing with the issues associated with soil and paddock variability

RLF Ultra Foliar products are specifically engineered to eliminate the effects of soil and paddock variability by adding high concentrations of the required nutrient directly to the plant. This action therefore, bypasses any soil deficiency – including that of zinc deficiency.

Soil variability is a widespread condition and can only be addressed by the use of highly specialised products and RLF products have been consistently demonstrated to bring about considerable improvement in this regard. Through its rigorous research and development processes RLF has developed a unique concept and highly developed products to address all the problems associated with soil deficiencies and paddock variability.

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