Rapid Zinc has an impeccable pedigree. It has benefited from the technological advances learned from RLF’s Ultra Foliar Range
of product.

Rapid Zinc is in ionic form which makes up-take in nutrient delivery far more efficient.

By working with granular fertilisers, zinc deficiency in the soil can easily be addressed.


As with other Ultra Foliar products, Rapid Zinc is packed with all the nutrients necessary for plant development. It does this by delivering a complete broad spectrum nutrient package – directly to the plant – that supports plant growth, strength and physiology thereby ensuring that NKP fertilisers and herbicides/fungicide are buffered during uptake for maximum gain.

Phosphorus in Rapid Zinc Foliar is particularly effective for the uptake of trace elements – and Rapid Zinc maintains this – as well as a strong backgrounding of other micro-nutrients, particularly manganese, copper, sulphur and magnesium.

In fact, if a foliar spray doesn’t have P it is potentially less effective.

One of the great strengths of Rapid Zinc is that it unlocks previously unavailable phosphorus, giving it to the plant to achieve greater yield. This process ensures plants are protected from the problems of soil nutrient variability, and provides the plant with the extra resilience it needs to handle the extremes of soil and other environmental conditions when confronted with them.

Being partially chelated allows it ‘safe entry’ to the leaf, and once delivered is readily available as it breaks
down faster.

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