Key Benefits of Rapid Zinc are that :
  • it overcomes plant nutrient deficiencies due to soil or seasonal factors
  • it assists the plant metabolise nutrients
    more effectively
  • it maximises the efficiency of granular
    fertiliser programs
  • it utilises the common nutrients pathways and mechanisms of both root and leaf
  • it recognises that roots do not satisfy plant demand for nutrients at all times or in all soil types
  • it saves time and plant energy by bypassingthe soil and root system for a rapid utilisation of nutrients through the leaf
  • it makes sound farm management sense because it of its complimentary nature and ability to support and co-exist with
    all other fertiliser programs
  • it ensures that all of the nutrients are available to the plant all of the time

It is called Rapid Zinc for a very good reason.

Every plant cell that it touches gets absorbed. Therefore the uptake of the micro-nutrients needed to support the macro-nutrients in the job that they do, is very fast. This balanced and easy approach is quite different from other fertiliser applications.

Rapid Zinc is a focused specialty formulation that delivers high-performance zinc along with two other micro-nutrients, copper and manganese. It also contains a supporting balance of phosphorous, sulphur and magnesium.
Rapid Zinc uses an ionic form of Zinc and Copper to insure rapid and improved uptake efficiency by the leaves.
Rapid Zinc uses a more dynamic and partial application of high-quality EDTA chelates to facilitate zinc and copper mobility in the plant when compared to oxide, sulphate, and chelate foliar fertilisers.
Rapid Zinc is phosphorus-based providing fully available inorganic phosphates in the immediate form required by the plant to achieve greater yielding outcomes.

Rapid Zinc, with its balanced and measured components is very fast and very efficient.

It moves around the plant as it is needed, and where it is needed.

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