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This Rapid Foliar delivers Manganese and a complement of supporting nutrients to the…

Rapid Foliar is an Ionic form of Zinc, Copper, and Manganese with Phosphorus all rapidly taken up by the plant.





Rapid Foliar is a focused specialty formulation that delivers high-performance Zinc, Copper, and Manganese with Phosphorus. Also contained in Rapid Foliar is a supporting balance of sulphur and other elements. Rapid Foliar uses RDS technology.

Rapid Foliar uses an ionic form of Zinc, Copper, and Manganese to insure rapid and improved uptake efficiency by the leaves. Rapid Foliar uses a more dynamic and partial application of high-quality EDTA chelates to facilitate nutrient mobility in the plant when compared to oxide, sulphate, and chelate foliar fertilisers. Rapid Foliar is phosphorus-based providing fully available inorganic phosphates in the immediate form required by the plant and ready for use in achieving more yields.

Rapid is a New Generation
of Products by RLF

Features and Benefits


Crop using Rapid Foliar have shown to carry the benefits directly through to the farmer with typically higher yield, better quality and consistent produce.

RLF has trial data, field evaluations and client feedback to support a claim that typically, in normal condition and acceptable farmer practice; this product has a typical positive yield benefit.

These benefits all typically result in higher value, bigger margins and an overall greater financial outcome.


Using a Rapid Foliar can ensure that the nutritional requirements of the plant are better satisfied – this is seen to result in the improved crop quality as seen in size, grain weight and colourisation. Manifestly it also ensures that the nutrient value (content) of the yield is more likely higher, in line with the higher nutrient values of the plant – and this may even improve taste. Higher quality produce results in the potential for higher sales value.


The most effective and cost efficient method of building organic matter in the cropping soils is through the enrichment of the crop waste materials and root mass. This ensures that the root mass and necrotic plant matter has greater size and volume, that the root mass is greater thereby returning more matter to the soil. Most importantly, and often forgotten, is the nutrient status of the plant – that at harvest – returns all nutrient to the root mass from the plant – making a higher nutrient value plant, returning higher nutrient value to the soil. Rapid Foliar achieves all of these things; larger volume plants, larger root structure and mass and higher nutrient values.


The ability for a plant to be able to resist disease and handle climate and weather are matched to the health, size, root mass and availability of plant nutrients or access to soil based nutrient for use during these times. Rapid Foliar provides the best combination of plant health and plant nutrition as the plant typically will have more energy to deal with any stresses associated with things like poor rainfall, too much water, temperature, soil climate and other conditional
external factors.


The ionic form of Zinc and Copper used is rapidly taken up by the leaves and is rain-safe within hours. Rapid Foliar goes to work quickly and effectively.
The Rapid Foliar EDTA chelate components facilitate zinc and copper mobility and transport within the plant to ensure that the plant can utilize the zinc, copper and phosphorus as and where required.

When applied at 1/L per ha Rapid Foliar supplies enough zinc for 5t/ha of grain and enough copper for 10t/ha of grain. Rapid Foliar also supplies enough phosphorus for an extra 100kg of yield.

Rapid Foliar keeps the zinc, copper and manganese balance of the new growth resulting from the correction of the crop deficiency.

The phosphate in Rapid Foliar stimulates metabolic reactions and increases the crop response beyond that of the trace element effect.

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