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Fertigation Plus
Fertigation Plus is a FERTIGATION or IRRIGATION fertiliser product engineered to deliver a HBS…

Plant Milk
Plant Milk use NPK plus Zn,CU and Mn in a formulation designed for irrigation

Dynamo is the next generation in multi-spectrum fertigation products from RLF

What is Fertigation

RLF specialises in the development and manufacture of liquid fertiliser products for use in irrigation. Fertigation products are engineered using RLF technology including HBS High-analysis Broad spectrum solutions ensuring that nutrition is delivered at
optimum levels.

RLF fertigation products are both HBS (12 nutrients in Fertigation Plus) and multi-nutrient with the correct balance of nutrition delivered in a solution concentration that is immediately dispersed in the irrigation systems used.

RLF is a liquid fertiliser company who manufacture quality products designed for modern irrigation solutions.


Dynamo is a new generation of high quality fertigation products designed using RLF broad-spectrum formulations and supported by improved concentration of essential elements. Designed for Fertigation.

Dynamo High – N

Dynamo High – P

Dynamo High – K

Plant Milk

Using RLF Technology Plant Milk is engineered to contain a high concentration balance of 3 major element (N-P-K) and up to 3 essential nutrients in a single specialist high-analysis formulation.

Plant Milk High – N

Plant Milk High – P

Fertigation Plus

Fertigation Plus is a quality product from RLF for use in orchard, vineyards and vegetable crops. Fertigation Plus is most beneficial during the rapid phase of crop growth when phosphorus and trace elements in root rhizosphere are not replaced fast enough to meet the crop growth demands.

RLF Manufactures Specialised Fertigation Products for Irrigated Farming Operations Globally

Features + Benefits


Fertigation products are designed to deliver essential nutrients more effectively to the plant in a form readily used. Efficient nutrient delivery, especially phosphorus, is often part of the requirement for achieving increased yields. RLF Fertigation products are technically based to deliver nutrient in this way.


Fertigation products contain essential nutrients and especially those nutrients that are locked up and have limited mobility in soil solution. Fertigation products also contains chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metabolites and organic compounds that are readily consumed by soil microorganisms in order to stimulate soil biological activity and crop health.

Use of RLF Fertigation products is most beneficial during the rapid phase of crop growth when phosphorus and trace elements in root Rhizosphere are not replaced fast enough to meet the crop demand. The low pH of the product mobilises calcium deposits in root channels for efficient nutrient delivery in fertigation systems. The high orthophosphate level of the product is readily absorbed by the root system resulting in improved quality of fruits. The end result is that high yield would not be at the expense of low quality issues such as thick rind and skin or pulpy and dry produce.


The ability for a plant to be able to resist disease and handle climate and weather are matched to the health, size, root mass and availability of plant nutrients or access to soil based nutrient for use during these times. Ultra foliar provides the best combination of plant health and plant nutrition as the plant typically will have more energy to deal with any stresses associated with things like poor rainfall, too much water, temperature, soil climate and other conditional external factors.


The more robust, strong and healthy a plant is – then the better it is able to withstand and cope with the effects of harsh agricultural chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides and the effects that bulk NPK fertilisers can have on a plant. When a plant suffers these types of impacts, it recovers through the use of energy, and it will depend on the nutrient availability in order to maintain its growth and development. An Ultra Foliar ensures that the plant is both strong and robust but importantly that it has access to the required nutrients during these times as a buffer effect.


Seeding stage Strong root system, improve the germination rate, seedling stem stout, enhanced ability to resist disease, lodging, continuous cropping
Early growth and Flower bud differentiation stage Promote flower bud differentiation, accelerate the growth of leaves, strong plants, increase disease resistance
Blossom and fruit stage Promote early flowering, early results, improve the pollination rate and the fruit rate, reduce flower drop
Yield and fruit expanding period stage Increase fruit weight, fruit big uniform, increase disease resistance and prevent dehiscent fruit, sugar content increase, improve fruit quality, extend shelf life, increase production


Hidden Hunger describes the unseen (hidden) nutrient needs of a plant before the visual symptoms of the deficiency (if any) becomes apparent. When the visual symptoms appear in the plant it is often too late. The loss of productivity is often considerable and at this time it is likely too late to recover lost yield potential. Using an Ultra Foliar avoids this problem by ensuring the plant has available to it all nutrients at optimum levels.


Supply of essential nutrients in fertigation (trickle or sprinkler) for vegetables, fruits and vines is an integral part of the fertiliser practice of most growers. Some of the benefits of fertigation versus granular fertiliser applications are :

  1. High efficiency of fertiliser use with a cost saving of some 20-50% in
    fertiliser expense.
  2. Preventing nutrient loss below the root zone (e.g. nitrogen, sulphur
    and potassium).
  3. Better management of soil pH, nitrogen balance of the crop and protection of the environment.
  4. Saving in fuel, labour and machinery.
  5. Reduced mechanical damage to the crop (e.g. vegetables).
  6. Precise method of application as compared to side dressings.
  7. Ability to feed the plants frequently and in small doses.
  8. Easy management of nutrient matching to crop physiological growth demand.

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