Nutrient Charger


| RLF Technology
RLF is a high-technology developer and manufacturer of liquid fertiliser products for agriculture – all of which are engineered and based on plant science.
RLF products are based on two key developed and proprietary technologies;

Nutrient Delivery Technology has allowed RLF to formulate products that can be quickly and efficiently be
delivered into the seed (imbibed) or into the plant through the leaf and cell walls.

High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solutions – RLF has developed technology to allow for the safe and stable
formulation of products that contain up to 12 nutrients without any element antagonism or conflict.

This means that RLF products are able to achieve the safe delivery of a broad-spectrum of nutrients directly to the seed or plant – with reliability and integrity –
ensuring the maximum chance for effectiveness and results for the farmer and grower customers.

RLF has developed a fully integrated and complete range of liquid fertiliser products designed for the needs of your farmer and growers.

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